The Gift of Snail Mail

We used to get an abundance of greeting cards for every occasion – every birthday, anniversary, graduation… when we bought a new home, caught the flu, or were just on someone’s mind. In a world of digital-everything, this simply isn’t the case anymore.

With the cost of postage rising this year, it is becoming increasingly less common to send good old fashioned personal mail. That, however, does not mean that personal mail is totally gone, it is just changing, evolving, and becoming something different. The optimist in me sees the opportunity this presents to make greetings & stationery special and meaningful.

How do you feel when you check the mail today? Don’t you just love your pile of bills in a sea of junk mail? Wait! What is that shiny gold envelope peaking its way through? You turn the envelope over and see that it’s from your sister. Inside is a beautiful boutique-style card. It’s uniquely designed with hints of glitter on smooth silky card stock. How does it feel to know that someone took the time to pick out a card and write these words just for you?

These days it’s an honour to receive personal mail; to read someone else’s handwriting. We are so accustom to social media, email, and e-cards…even phone calls are becoming less and less frequent. The optimist in me knows that since personal mail is now rare, it is very special. Its rarity has made it one of life’s greatest pleasures, and our stationery collection allows you to pass that positive feeling on to your nearest & dearest.

Re-ignite an “old” tradition this Holiday Season. Since postage is such an investment these days, you can reduce your mailing list, buy beautiful locally-crafted holiday cards, and send your thoughtful messages to your beloved family, friends & coworkers.

MissingYou-1a Christmas-WonderfulTimeRibbon-1Christmas-MayYourDays-Red-2 Baby-TY-1a


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