Client Feature: Love Live Fitness

Have you ever needed a swift kick in the butt when it comes to your health? Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to get motivated sometimes?

Katie Williams Design Co. has had the great pleasure of working with Jessica McNutt of Love Live Fitness and was immediately inspired by her determination to help people be their best selves.

When Jessica approached me about recreating her branding, I was inspired from the moment she started to tell me more about her business. With a philosophy of “you have to LOVE yourself, before you can LIVE your life…through FITNESS” Jessica, and her hubby Justin, are making a dent in our ever growing health epidemic. Their work extends beyond the physical health and dives into inspiring people on a positive emotional level as well. They inspire true lifestyle changes on multiple levels, and approach every client with a realistic but non-judgmental perspective.

It seemed only natural to bring this warm and friendly approach into their branding.


Logo Design:
We can’t wait to help Jessica and Justin develop this brand further, as they continue in their passion and determination to help people change their lives!

Phone: (705) 627-6089


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