Do Your Teacups Match?


What colour is your grandmothers tea set?

At a garage sale, you always see random mismatched tea cups – stacked, paper wrapped, some have a saucer missing… But rarely do you find a set of two, four, eight.

Some may conclude that it’s because they got lost in the mix over the past 50-years. Others may just assume that the owner was a klutz.

The reality is that these odd ball, mismatched pieces of art and history, tell a beautiful story of an old tradition.

A bridal shower is an age old tradition that has graced brides for centuries. The traditions surrounding bridal showers have drastically changed since those older times, taking a much more modern approach. During the older times, however, friends and family of the bride would host a bridal shower tea party. The invitations to the bridal shower would include a coloured strip of paper. Guests would be asked to bring a teacup for the bride, and then write words to the bride on their strip of paper, which would go inside the tea cup. These words could be advice to the bride and groom, or simply why the guest had specifically picked this tea cup.

Next time you’re at a garage sale, bare in mind the stories that those tea cups have to tell. Tea cups are representative of such a joyous moment, and are truly timeless.



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